Xepta Marine Salt

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Formulated with pharmaceutical grade/analytical grade components. Precision formulated to replicate the natural seawater. Manufactured by Xepta Reef in our production facility under the strictest standards quality

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Xepta Marine Salt is a mixture of salts for fish aquariums or with less demanding corals. All the reagents that make up this salt have a certified pharmaceutical (Ph. Eur, USP) or analytical (ACS) grade, which ensures the absence of toxic and not at all necessary components, as we can find in evaporated seawater salts. The quality of the reagents with which we work also ensures the absence of ammonia, nitrates and phosphates. That is why we can find a chemically pure and concentrated salt with a humidity percentage of less than 0.5% that produces a greater volume of water with less quantity.

Ensuring a uniform composition in a salt is essential to ensure a chemical stability of the water at all times, that is why with Xepta Marine Salt we will have a salt to be able to carry out the water changes and find parameters according to those we have in our Aquarium. Any change that occurs suddenly in the chemical conditions of the water, affect each and every one of the chemical processes that occur within our aquarium, altering the balance of the system. That is why Xepta Reef has developed a salt capable of creating a natural marine environment.

The ranges of values ​​that we can find for the majority elements are:

Density 33ppt
Calcium 350-370 ppm
Magnesium 1200-1250 ppm
KH 7-8 dKH
Potassium 350-380 ppm
Weight 20 kg


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