Omega-1 BioPellet Reactor – JNS Aquaria

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The latest in BioPellet Reactor design from JNS. The unique flow pattern of the Omega helps to keep the biopellets in suspension, creates a gentle tumbling, and eliminates clumping. The low-pressure design also allows for the use of an energy-efficient pump and helps extend pump life. The maintenance requirement is also greatly reduced by the convenient filling port.

Controlling nutrients inside our aquariums is one of the keys to preventing nuisance algae growth. The JNS Omega BioPellet Reactor is a finely-tuned fluidized filter designed to help hobbyists remove nitrates and phosphates from reef aquarium systems.

JNS Omega biopellet reactors are computer designed, precision-cut, and made of polished A-class acrylic. All JNS media reactors are rigorously tested to ensure reliability, efficiency, and affordability.

Adding a biopellet reactor to your reef aquarium filtration system will improve the water quality for fish and other marine life. Biopellets initiate a more efficient denitrification process that removes nitrate and phosphate from aquarium water to prevent algae growth or harm to invertebrate and coral.

The JNS Omega BioPellet Reactor also includes a high-quality Sicce Syncra pump. The Italian-Made Sicce pump is quiet, energy-efficient and durable. This reactor and pump combination offers hobbyists unparalleled performance and reliability.


– High Quality Acrylic Construction
– Highly Efficient, Durable, Reliable- Simple to Set Up and Operate

Tank Size:
Up to 100 gallons (low bio-load)
or up to 50 gallons (high bio-load)
Footprint: 10.25″ x 4″
Height: 8″
Capacity: 0.5 L (500mL)
Pump: Sicce Syncra 0.5 (8W)

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