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JNS Fluidized Media Reactors are multi-purpose aquarium water filters specially designed for use in marine and reef
aquaria. Insert your media of choice to help eliminate organic pollutants, odors, discolorations, and algae fuels.

Fluidized reactors, also commonly referred to as phosphate or media reactors are one of the easiest and most
effective ways to use filter media in a saltwater aquarium system. These versatile filters are capable of running
several different types of filter media, from activated carbon and granular ferrous oxide to resin and nitrate-reducing

The up-flow design of JNS Fluidized Media Reactors helps to keep filter media suspended and evenly dispersed
to provide maximum contact time between your aquarium water and the media inside the reactor. Water is introduced
into the bottom of the filter and then gravity pushes it upward through the media and backs out into your tank.

JNS Fluidized Media Reactors are available in two sizes: 1E and 2E. They are computer designed, precision-cut,
and made of polished A-class acrylic. All JNS media reactors are rigorously tested in saltwater environments
to ensure reliability, efficiency, and affordability.

JNS Fluidized Media Reactors require a small pump/powerhead and tubing (sold separately) to push water through
the reactor. You can plumb the reactor using 1/2″ or 3/4″ flexible vinyl tubing. Using a ball valve is highly
recommended because it will allow you to regulate the flow rate. Since different types of media have different flow rate
requirements, be sure to reference the manufacturer’s suggested flow rate for the media you intend to use
(it’s usually listed in the product description and/or on the product label).


Reactor Footprint: 5.5″ x 5.5″
Chamber Diameter: 3.94″
Reactor Height: 22″
Chamber Capacity: 0.66 Gallons
Using GFO: up to 500 Gallons
Using Carbon: up to 300 Gallons
Inlet/Outlet: 3/4″ or 1/2″ Hosebarb

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